2nd User Staplers – Rapid 105 Set

£190.00 + Vat

2nd User Staplers – used but working condition, various scratches to casing and marks from wear and tear. Slight crack to casing

The 105 electric stapler is a fast thin electric stapler for office, print room and packaging industry.

Flexible – slim and compact design enables the staplers to be mounted in a variety of ways.

Equipped with the power, reliability and versatility demanded by industrial users.

Patented electronic controlling, pneumatic damping etc gives an agreeable and quiet sequence of operation.

The Rapid 105E has an adjustable stapling force and the stapling depth is also adjustable.

Flat/edge stapling.

Adjustable power.

Up to 50 sheets 80gsm.

Protection visor which cuts the power when lifted.

This is a pair of staplers that are on an adjustable stand for booklets and double stapling. They can be moved along the stand for different widths of stapling or can be used individually


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